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Getting Started

Learn how to use the BlueWillow Bot on discord with simple text prompts.

Please do not be rude. Do not use our tools to create images that could incite, upset, or cause drama.

This includes content that is NSFW, graphic or violent images, and adult content. Please be respectful to both the community and staff.

We aim to keep our services PG-13 however this is not guaranteed, which is why words and content relating to violence, gore, harassment, drugs, adult content, and generally offensive topics are off-limits.

Join Discord

Go to and click the button. Everything you need happens within Discord. Test your prompts, generate your images, meet others, and get support all in one place. New users will have a trial, of 25 free images. Once your trial has ended, you can become a subscriber with /subscribe.

Go to a "Rookie" Channel

Within any of the rookie channels use the /imagine command and type your prompt afterwards. The more specific the prompt the better the images.
Rookie Channels

Submit a prompt

  • Type /imagine prompt: or select the slash command /imagine from the pop-up menu.
  • Describe in the prompt box with text what image you would like to generate.
  • Send the command!
/imagine prompt: bluewillow tree

Receive four images

Within a minute you'll receive four images for you to download and use however you wish.
U - Stands for Upscale, generates the image you want V - Stands for Variations , creates variations of the selected

Upscale or Create Variations

U: The function of "U buttons" is to enhance the visual quality of an image by creating a larger, more detailed version of the selected image.
U1 - U2 -U3 - U4
V: The function of "V buttons" is to produce alternative versions of a selected grid image. The result is a new grid image that retains the original's overall aesthetic and composition, with subtle modifications.
V1 - V2 - V3 - V4
🔄 : The function of "🔄 button" rerolls - restarts a generation by generating a new grid of images based on the original prompt.


If you don't like any images you’ve generated you can delete with the
deletion button.
Keep in mind: The deletion button only works for the person who created the image. If you try to delete someone else’s image, the button won’t do anything. This is expected behavior.

Rate Your Image

After upscaling your image, you will see new emoji buttons that allow you to rate the image from worst to awesome. This helps us a lot in improving our training data.
rating system

Save Your Image

After your upscale, to save an image, first open it to its full size, then right-click and select "Save image." On mobile, hold your finger on the image and tap the download / or click Share and then "Save".
You can use our Web Gallery to view all the images you have generated and save them from there.


When an image is first upscaled, four arrow buttons will appear. Each button represents an outpainting task in a specific direction.
Each outpainting job will provide four variations of outpainting, from which the user can select any of the four images.
Only the original upscaled image can be outpainted. If an outpainted image is upscaled again, no outpainting buttons will be available.
Currently, it only outpaints 128 pixels on each side.
Note: The outpainting model is currently in a super beta stage.
Last modified 7mo ago