PWYC Subscribe

Pay What You Can - Plans

How to subscribe

In the BW discord you can use the /subscribe command in any of the channels if you wish to subscribe.
/subscribe slash command
You will be presented with our 4 PWYC plans. Select the plan you prefer by either clicking on the plan name which is hyperlinked or clicking on the plan name button below the screen.
After selecting your preferred plan, you will be prompted with this dialogue box which just informs you that you will be directed to an external link. The link is safe. Click on the link or click on “yep” to proceed to stripe.
Stripe is our payment services provider that lets BW accept credit and debit cards or other payments for your PWYC subscription. The stripe checkout landing page is divided into two sections:
Left screen:
  • Select your subscription type. By default, the monthly subscription is selected but you can easily switch to annual by turning on the annual billing subscription toggle.
Right screen:
  • Contact and payment information.
  • Enter the email which will be used to send the e-receipt and to log in to the portal to manage your subscription.
  • Enter your payment method. You can use a debit or credit card or have the option to use Cash App Pay ( for US and UK customers only ).
After entering your contact and card information click on the subscribe button. You will be prompted with the Payment confirmation screen. After confirming the payment, you will be redirected back to Discord.
  • Payment confirmation screen.

Managing my subscription

You can manage your subscription by accessing the Stripe Customer Portal. The Stripe Customer Portal can be accessed in two ways.
By clicking on the link that was sent along with the receipt when you subscribed.
By using the /Subscribe command
Both methods will direct you to the login screen where it will ask you to enter your email address that you put during checkout or at the time of subscription.
Enter your email address and click the send button. After clicking the send button, you will be sent an email with a link to access the Portal.
When you have accessed the portal you will see the following screen.
The portal will allow users to:
Update plan
  • Move to a higher or lower plan.
  • Select monthly/annual billing
Cancel Plan
  • Update Payment Method
  • Add payment method
Update billing information

Cancel my plan

Click on the ‘cancel my plan’ button.
You will be taken to the cancel my plan window where a summary of your subscription will be displayed. You will also be provided with the date as to when your current plan will remain active.
Once canceled, you will be taken back to the billing screen. You will notice that the ‘renew plan’ button becomes available should you wish to subscribe again in the future.

Renew my plan

Click on the ‘renew plan’ plan button.
You will be prompted with this screen setting expectations that the plan will no longer be canceled and the date when it will be renewed.
Click on renew plan if you wish to continue. After clicking on renew plan, you will be taken back to the billing screen. You will notice that the ‘update plan’ and ‘cancel plan’ button becomes available.
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