Why is BlueWillow pursuing a Pay What You Can (PWYC) model?

We would like to keep BlueWillow available to everyone. We are hoping those who appreciate the service and can afford it will help support our efforts so that others less fortunate can continue to use the service as well.

How do I subscribe to BlueWillow?

Simply type “/subscribe” to view the available tiered options, and click on the corresponding link to subscribe to your chosen tier. You will be redirected to Stripe, our trusted payment processing platform.

How can I confirm if my subscription was successful?

Stripe automatically sends an email receipt upon successful checkout. This email includes a link to view your subscription, payment history, and other relevant information.

What payment methods do you accept?

Through Stripe, we accept credit cards, debit cards, and a variety of global payment methods, including major brands like Mastercard, American Express, Visa, Discover, Diners, China UnionPay (CUP), Eftpos Australia, and Japan Credit Bureau.

What benefits will I receive with each subscription tier?

Each tier offers a unique set of benefits. These can include early access to new versions, member badges, exclusive access to VIP contests and newsletters, and more. Please note, some of these benefits may not be immediately available at launch, so stay tuned for updates.

If I don't subscribe initially, can I subscribe in the future?

Absolutely! You can subscribe at any time by simply using the /subscribe command. Remember, your subscription helps support our community, maintain the free service, and provides you with exclusive perks and privileges.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime by following the cancellation link in your Stripe confirmation email.

Is BlueWillow still available for free if I choose not to subscribe?

Absolutely, BlueWillow remains accessible for free to all users. With the free tier, you can generate up to 10 images daily. Our new subscription model helps us maintain this free access and further develop BlueWillow's features. While subscribing provides additional benefits and increased limits, we understand if you choose to stick with our free tier. Your creativity is what truly makes this community thrive.

How can I upgrade/downgrade my subscription?

You can change your plan by clicking on the link included in your Stripe receipt or by using the /subscribe command again. Both methods will direct you to the Stripe Portal. Once logged in, follow these instructions. (only the sapphire plan is available at the moment)

Click on the “update plan” button under the current plan section.

Select your preferred plan by clicking on the “Select” button below the plan description. You can choose between monthly subscriptions or pay annually. (only the sapphire plan is available at the moment)

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Note, the cancellation will take effect at the end of the billing cycle.

What if I experience technical issues with my subscription or benefits?

If you encounter any technical issues related to your subscription or benefits, please contact our support team or reach out to a Discord moderator. They'll be happy to assist you.

Are there plans to add more benefits or features to subscription tiers in the future?

We're constantly working to improve BlueWillow and expand the features and benefits offered to our subscribers. Stay tuned for updates and announcements!

If I leave the BlueWillow Discord server, will my subscription be automatically canceled?

No, leaving the Discord server does not automatically cancel your subscription. Your subscription will remain active, and you will continue to be billed. If you want to cancel your subscription, please follow the cancellation process in your Stripe confirmation email. Remember, if you decide to rejoin the server, you may need to contact our support team or a moderator to regain access to your subscription benefits.

If I am banned from the BlueWillow Discord server for inappropriate content or behavior, will my subscription be automatically canceled?

No, a ban from the Discord server does not automatically cancel your subscription. It's up to the individual with the banned account to cancel their subscription following the instructions from the Stripe confirmation email.
Remember, you can subscribe to support our community by using the /subscribe command. Thank you for your support and understanding as we continue to grow and improve BlueWillow.
Last modified 3mo ago