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What is BlueWillow Ai?

BlueWillowAI was founded in Jan 2023 to provide the best AI-generated images for our users. We believe that everyone has the potential to create powerful images. Our mission is to build a community to help people explore their creativity with the assistance of artificial intelligence.

Who are the founders?

The current founding team prefers to stay in stealth mode but will be sharing more information soon. The founders are a group of AI engineers who are passionate about building new technologies that can help people access the many high-quality AI models that exist today. A few of our founders have 10+ years in the AI field - on projects ranging from astronomy to crypto to healthcare.

Why was BlueWillow created?

BlueWillow was created to help people use the many high-quality AI models that are available today. Since no single model is perfect for all use cases, the team developed BlueWillow to provide a comprehensive solution by aggregating multiple models. This allows us to offer users the best possible results.

Why does it operate on Discord?

Discord is a community platform that allows members to share and discuss the images they are creating, as well as participate in contests, discussions, rewards and events. Discord also enables BlueWillow to gather feedback and improve the platform quickly. We plan to launch our service outside of Discord soon so stay tuned!

What makes it unique from other AI text-to-image generators?

BlueWillow is like a "Google Flights" for AI models. It enables users to find the right model depending on their goals. Unlike other AI text-to-image generators, BlueWillow is an aggregator of multiple AI models, including models like Stable Diffusion.

Who owns the rights to images produced by BW AI?

You own the rights to your creations! You are free to use them in your art or for commercial gain. Please see our Terms of Service for more details.

What engine does it use?

BlueWillow is an aggregator of multiple AI models. We extensively test and use diffusion models like Stable Diffusion. Our supermodel picks the best model to run based on the user prompt. As for our model, we are focused on increasing the accessibility of AI-enabled technology.

Is the AI constantly learning and improving?

The AI is constantly being developed and improved by teams of experts, with new updates and versions being released regularly. However, it is not a self-learning or autonomous system, as it relies on the efforts of these teams, including feedback and reviews by our users, for advancement.

Where does the AI get information to create images?

BlueWillow's AI aggregates information from a variety of models to generate images.

Does it plan to expand to other platforms?

Eventually, yes. We are planning to build our own platform once we have other aspects of our service ready. We are currently using Discord to build features that our community loves.

Is it stealing art from other artists?

No, we use publicly available models and respect the rights of other artists. We believe BlueWillow is a tool that both professional and amateur artists alike can use to create all types of amazing art and images.
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