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How to use the Img2Img feature.
Just put the image link inside your prompt. Image-to-image or Img2img is a technique where an AI creates a new image using an existing image and text prompt. The new image will have similar colors and layout as the original image, but the original image doesn't have to look nice or have any specific details. The original image is just a guide for the AI to make the new image.
/imagine in abstract style
To incorporate images into your prompt, simply insert or paste the web address where the image is located online, ensuring that the address has an extension like .png, .gif, or .jpg. After specifying the image addresses, you can include any additional text or parameters to refine your prompt.

Upload an image to Discord

If you want to include a personal image in your prompt, first upload it to Discord by clicking the + Plus sign and selecting Upload a File. Once the image is uploaded, you can add it to your prompt by typing /imagine and dragging the image file into the prompt box. You can also right-click the image, select Copy Link, and paste the link into the prompt box. Make sure the image URL ends in a valid extension like .png or .jpg.
Upload image and copy link
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Mobile Version
Privacy Notes To keep your images seen private from other server users, upload them to the BlueWillow Bot via Direct Messages. You can add these images to your prompts by dragging the file into the prompt box or copying and pasting the URL.